Sunday, September 18, 2011

A little update

As you can imagine, caring for a newborn doesn't leave much creative time.Loads of idea's going through my head though, so I hope we can settle into some kind of routine soon, so I can get some stuff done...

First on the list is a gift for my maternity help. I didn't want to give her a giftcertificate, 'cause she seems to get those a lot..
I have the perfect gift in mind, but I need some pictures for that... So this week I'm ordering some prints, so I can get started. She's on vacation right now and I already let her know I'll send het the gift, when she gets back... So I have a little time...

Joshua is growing sooooo fast, it seems almost impossible to keep up with all the little changes...
And I do have something to show you. Our birthannouncements...


I designed these myself, using HEMA's design and printservice. A really cheap solution, as I think most birthannouncements aren't worth the costs.

I hope I can show you some more stuff really soon, but I'm not making any promises!



Saturday, September 3, 2011

Joshua Maik

Tuesday August 30th at 3.33PM (15.33u) he was there:

Our beautiful son Joshua Maik