Saturday, November 3, 2012

Owl Hat and something matching

Remember the Owl Hat I made for Joshua last winter?

Guess what? It still fits...


Well, last winter I also promised someone I'd make a hat for her daughter to wear next winter.

I got a huge pile of clothes for Joshua, and the didn't want anything for it, just the hat.

I started on the hat, but then spring came, and summer. And I never finished the hat.
But when summer neared it's'end, the crocheting-itch started to come back and I picked up the owl project.
I felt kind of bad for taking so long, so I made a matching surprise.

I think the little lady looks very happy wearing this!

Thank you Mariella for letting me use this picture!

Love, Caroline

Friday, November 2, 2012

Ripple blanket

Last year I found a tutorial for a ripple blanket on Attic24... I was instantly in love and wanted to make an big blanket for Joshua, for when he get's a big-boy bed (that gives me PLENTY of time to finish it!)...

I started a test piece, which was really easy. I just started crocheting then, and it looked really hard, but really isn't....

After the testpiece, I felt confident, I picked 4 colors (initially 5, but the brown took away the vibrancy of the other colors...) and started crocheting. I can't remember how many stitches I chained and I made a few mistakes ending rows, so counting won't be really helpful... But believe me, there are a LOT!
The blanket is about 1,5 meters wide.

Progress is slow, I haven't crocheted a single row half of the spring and all summer, but I've picked it up again when the days started getting shorter and colder...
It is getting large enough that I can drape it over my legs and feel all warm and cozy while I work on more rows...
I intend to make it about two meters long, so when Joshua is all grown up he can still snuggle up under it...

Currently working on ripple number 23

Love, Caroline

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gnomeforest Silhouette

I've seen these amazing silhouettes / transparents on Pinterest.
All kinds, for all seasons and holidays.

And I've been wanting to have a go on one of my own.
This is what I've got so far, still need to add the colored transparent paper...

Please ignore the dirty table...

Love, Caroline