Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning II

Well, I should probably call it Summer Cleaning...

The clutter in our office only piled up more and more and I really didn't know where to start...
It seemed as if every time I organized one part (I put a lot of random craft stuff in Ikea Samla boxes) I created more space to pile other stuff...
We also got a foldable spare bed and we put that in the office too. I had about one square meter to stand on...

My mom offered to come and help me clear some stuff out... We actually planned to rearrange the whole room in two days, but it has been HOT for a couple of days and the office was too hot to stay in too long.

We did manage to sort through all of my dad's papers, which had been piled into some moving-boxes ever since he passed away....

We also threw out a lot of other paperwork and catalogues hubby gets, but NEVER looks in...
Check out how much we threw out:
I'm almost ashamed, but I feel 10kg lighter...!
Pictures of the office next time, but don't think you'll get to see a tidy room, I'm nowhere near done...


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Party Planning

In just two weeks our little man is turning one...! This first year has gone super fast and we've experienced so many milestones already...

For his first birthday I'm throwing Joshua a Whale / Under the Sea Party. He probably won't remember it when he is older, but I just love the idea of a themed party.
I'm trying to not make it too over the top, but I did start searching for idea's on Pinterest a long time ago and created a "Whale Party Idea's" board.

The invitations have been sent, but I won't show them, because I altered something that's sort of copyrighted.

Here are the idea's I'm using or thinking of using...

These lanterns are sooooo simple and effective. I've bought two cheap white ones to hang in the garden (if its dry when we are having the party...

If I can find the time and energy to whip out the sewing-machine, I want to try if this actually works.
The only problem is, in Holland you can't buy rolls of streamers. Just the wedding ones, so I'll have to try it with strips of regular crepe-paper.

I'm making a cake inspired on this one. The bottom one will be a paisley-shape and the top one just a simple round one, as that one will be Joshua's smash-cake...!

Source: via Caroline on Pinterest

These will go on top of the cupcakes Joshua will treat at daycare. I'm thinking of sticking on white sugar confetti for the eyes, instead of just a black dot with edible ink...

Source: via Caroline on Pinterest

This shouldn't be too hard to make. I'm trying to decide between doing a onesie or a t-shirt. The whale will be felt, since that is easy to cut and hand-sew.

Source: via Caroline on Pinterest

Not sure Joshua will keep something like this on his head, but it'll look soooooo cute... Haven't decided if I'm actually going to do this.

As for the party-food, I WON'T be serving anything fishy, since that goes against my principles.
I'm making some simple sandwiches, probably vegetarian.

These also look really good:

Spinach, feta and mozzarella stuffed in cresent-rolls.

And these are just too cute and fishy...

But I don't have a small fish cookie-cutter and I don't know if I can find the time to make one...

If you want to see more of what I pinned, check the board, linked at the top of this post (if you haven't already)



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

We've been making (bi-)weekly visits to several thrift stores in the area for a while now and I have found sooooo many gems...
Half of them are already in use or put away, without taking photo's of them, but I do have some pictures from our last thrift store run...

I found a couple of Dick Bruna books, 3 in this picture, but I found more on previous visits. The book that says GROOT is a cardbord book with BIG animals. I love the whale that's in there...
I also found Sisters! by Mylo Freeman, I love her illustrations! I once followed a workshop by her...

A touch and feel book, Joshua is really into those at the moment.
A Bambino Loco pack with 2 booklets for just €1,50! In a normal store you would pay at least €25,-!
A book with fingerpaint idea's and  a tambourine.
And we also found a coat-rack for Joshua's coats and a National Geographic for Andries to read.

But the list goes on: Andries bought a marble run he saw last time. It didn't come with marbles, so he is currently in search of something that will fit...
A cute bird plate Joshua grabbed of the shelve and would let go of, Bob the Builder's Scoop and some Fisher Price toys.

Scoop is a gift for Sietse, if he doesn't have it already and activity blocks are a story in itself.
We bought one at a thriftstore near the bungalowpark we went on holidays at. We found another one at the triftstore in Almere. And ofcourse we wanted the third one too. We found a complete (damaged) set in Naarden. So we kept the non-damaged ones and the rest are on Marktplaats.
The same goes for the mini-bus...
Last but not least I found a Lego Duplo car an 2 vintage Fisher Price cars...
I've bought a lot of vintage  Fisher Price toys lately, I like them a lot better than all the newer FP stuff and they're also childhood memories for me...

I'll do a separate post on the FP soon...!

More of what I've bought lately:
- A canister for my Senseo-coffeepads
- More Dick Bruna books
- Lego Duplo Primo (figures, a caterpillar, train and building blocks)
- Wooden cars (dump truck, fire truck)
- Plant sprayer
- Ikea treasure chest
- FP boat and figure
- number puzzle I used to have when I was a kid
- Stockmar crayons
- shoes for Joshua
- sandbox figures and a watering can
- FP farm with Schleich farm animals
- a bunch of other books
- probably more, but I can't really remember

I seem to have a shopping-addiction (LOL ;-P)

Love, Caroline

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Veggie Garden

It's been a while since I've written about my veggiegardenexperiment (nice scrabbleword!).

I've got a big amount of pictures for you. Some a big surprise, some sort of a big failure, but that's why it's an experiment. Next year I'm, obviously, changing some things...

Here we go:

Corn, only two seeds came up. I don't know what the
thing in the front is, but it doesn't look like all the other
weeds, so I'm leaving it where it is.

Currant, infested with aphids. Trying a natural repellant/
killer, using tomato leaves, I found on Pinterest tomorrow.

Grape. Not much to say, just happy it rooted.

Green chillies. I didn't thing these would work.
I planted them in a pot, 4 plants in one pot.
Not much earth for them, but about two weeks ago they
got flowers and now I have about 10 chillies already...!

Green peppers, same story as the chillies. Very surprised!

Left basket: Mint, parsley and chives. All doing very well.
Right basket: Oregano: doing well, dill: almost dead.
Basil: dead... A while already...

Right: Blackberry
Left: Raspberry being eaten, see picture below.
Under: Leftover Strawberryplants.
The Raspberry and Blackberry have a couple of flowers
at the moment, so maybe we'll get a little bit of fruit!
Close up of the caterpillars, can you see the little buggers?
Trying a natural repellant/killer, using garlic,
I found on Pinterest tomorrow.

Scallions, not a big succes yet, maybe if I disperse them,
they will be a succes.

Tomato plants. These are a HUGE surprise. Last year I had
one plant, which stayed small and gave two big,
green tomatoes that would turn red.
So this year I planted 4 sprouts, which grew into these
MONSTERS. And they are FULL.
Full of these: huge clusters of cherrytomatoes.
I'm already dreaming of loads of red, yummy, sweet tomatoes.
Of making fresh Pastasauce and Tomatoketchup, Jamie-style...  
Zucchini's. Green in the back, yellow in the front. These are
HUGE as well. Well, the green ones are, because I planted
them first. The yellow one was planted a lot later and
didn't grow as much.
I've had a lot of (baby)green zucchini's and I've seen a
picture of a zucchiniplant growing up, onto a support
of some sort, so they don't use a much "floorspace" as
they do now. I'm soooo trying that next year!
Appletree, we've planted it this year,
it has had three flower and it's growing three really tiny apples.
It's also infested with aphids.
Strawberries. Loads of them. Under the appletree.

What you didn't see in these pictures:
- The carrots that failed miserably, because I sowed them "under" the tomato-plants.
- The radishes I already harvested and were all kinds of weird shapes... :D
- Last years strawberryplants that didn't survive.
- The spinach which I still plan to test-sow in a pot, just to see how much space I'll need for that next year.
- The mulberry-trees. I actually have Mulberries, but I don't know what to do with them, so if anyone has idea's... Tell me..! Please...

As you can guess, I'm over the moon with my garden (which also has a lot of non-vegetable-or-fruit-plants in it).

Love, Caroline