Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

We've been making (bi-)weekly visits to several thrift stores in the area for a while now and I have found sooooo many gems...
Half of them are already in use or put away, without taking photo's of them, but I do have some pictures from our last thrift store run...

I found a couple of Dick Bruna books, 3 in this picture, but I found more on previous visits. The book that says GROOT is a cardbord book with BIG animals. I love the whale that's in there...
I also found Sisters! by Mylo Freeman, I love her illustrations! I once followed a workshop by her...

A touch and feel book, Joshua is really into those at the moment.
A Bambino Loco pack with 2 booklets for just €1,50! In a normal store you would pay at least €25,-!
A book with fingerpaint idea's and  a tambourine.
And we also found a coat-rack for Joshua's coats and a National Geographic for Andries to read.

But the list goes on: Andries bought a marble run he saw last time. It didn't come with marbles, so he is currently in search of something that will fit...
A cute bird plate Joshua grabbed of the shelve and would let go of, Bob the Builder's Scoop and some Fisher Price toys.

Scoop is a gift for Sietse, if he doesn't have it already and activity blocks are a story in itself.
We bought one at a thriftstore near the bungalowpark we went on holidays at. We found another one at the triftstore in Almere. And ofcourse we wanted the third one too. We found a complete (damaged) set in Naarden. So we kept the non-damaged ones and the rest are on Marktplaats.
The same goes for the mini-bus...
Last but not least I found a Lego Duplo car an 2 vintage Fisher Price cars...
I've bought a lot of vintage  Fisher Price toys lately, I like them a lot better than all the newer FP stuff and they're also childhood memories for me...

I'll do a separate post on the FP soon...!

More of what I've bought lately:
- A canister for my Senseo-coffeepads
- More Dick Bruna books
- Lego Duplo Primo (figures, a caterpillar, train and building blocks)
- Wooden cars (dump truck, fire truck)
- Plant sprayer
- Ikea treasure chest
- FP boat and figure
- number puzzle I used to have when I was a kid
- Stockmar crayons
- shoes for Joshua
- sandbox figures and a watering can
- FP farm with Schleich farm animals
- a bunch of other books
- probably more, but I can't really remember

I seem to have a shopping-addiction (LOL ;-P)

Love, Caroline

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