Thursday, September 19, 2013


A month ago I went to Lowlands with my brother and two friends.
(more on that later!)

Lowlands had an Etsy-plaza with lots of cute stuff.
My female friend saw some really cool bracelets she looked in to buying.

I talked her out of it, because I knew how to make them.

Back home I got my supplies and made a couple.

I'm thinking of starting an Etsy-shop of my own, but I'm also looking into other ways to sell my crafty stuff...

For now: If you want one (or more) of these bracelets, contact me.
They're €2,50 a piece and you get a €0,50 a piece discount if you buy 3. 

Each one is unique, because of the button. You can pick which beads you'd like and the string-color.
Not limited to the three color's seen in the first picture, I have a HUGE stash of sting in LOADS of colors.
just let me know what you'd like..!

Love, Caroline