Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Boys...

I'm still on leave and Wednesday isn't Rebekka's workday, so I went over there for a visit...

Sietse was in bed when I arrived and Joshua was asleep too, so we chatted and crocheted uninterrupted.
About half an hour before I went home, Sietse and Joshua both woke up.
I changed Joshua's daiper and Sietse watched from a distance.

When I was done, Joshua started mumble and whine a bit, so Sietse brought him all kinds of toys to comfort him. Wooden cars and some pencils. He even wanted to share his Pepernoten.

When all that didn't help, Sietse did this:

How cute is that!
I hope to finish my scarf this week, so I'll show you when it's done...
After that I'm starting on a blanket, but I'm note sure which combination of stitches I'll use...

I'm trying to decide between this one and this one...
Which would you pick?

Love, Caroline

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bedspread and crocheting...

Yesterday I wrote about the bedspread...
And here it is.
The wall and bed don't match with the quilt, even the slightest, but we plan on partially redecorating the bedroom... I just don't know when yet...

I'd love to paint the "wood" on the bed white and I want the wall behind the bed in one color. Would purple match with the quilt?
I also started crocheting. I did Mieks first lesson, but impatient as I am, I went online in search of more.. Youtube is a great medium...! ! ! This is what I'm working on.
When I'm done, I'm sewing the ends together and it'll be a scarf (cowl?)

First I wanted to make a blanket, but I didn't use enought stitches te start with. And I didn't want to take it apart and start again...
If you want to try this combination of stitches (it's really cute when you use multiple colors), watch this video! It's really good and repeats each step several times!

Well, that's it for today!
Love, Caroline

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Busy week

I had a really busy week, with lots of crafts...First I tought myself how to crochet, but more on that tomorrow!

Wednesday I showed you I was going to see Rihanna...  Well that turned out to be a huge bummer...

Grandma came to babysit Joshua, so Andries and I could go to Arnhem.
It was really busy on the roads, with loads of small traffic jams, which was annoying, but not really a big deal, since Rihanna wouldn't start until 9PM.
We were in Arnhem quite on time, but all the parking spaces around the Gelredome were full, so we had te park elsewere, which meant a 20 minute walk to the stadium (but no parking fees).
When we finally got inside, the opening act (Calvin Harris) was just ending his performance. That was at 8.30PM, so we were on time to see Rihanna...

Well, 9 PM came... And went... 9.30 PM came.... And went... And the diva didn't start until 9.58PM.
And about the first half an hour she didn't sing much herself, but left most of the singing up to her backgroundsingers and the audience...
After those 30 minutes her voice seemed warmed up and that's when she showed what an amazing singer she really is... Eventhough she still turned the mic to the audience waaaaaaay too much....
I wasn't really too enthousiastic about the whole show, so I didn't take any pictures...
(When we came home, I read loads of rumours on Twitter that Rihanna was drunk and stoned, which would explain a lot, but makes it even worse... You're not really a serious artist of you drink and smoke weed before a concert...! The next day, these rumours were also all over the news....)

Before Andries and I went to Arnhem, my mom and I went to the thriftstores in Almere to see if they had anything good. I bought a shirt and a pair of pants at Tante Pollewop and a shirt, a Sinterklaasbook and two Heinekenglasses, at the big thriftstore. My mom also brought a vest I saw at the thriftstore in Harderwijk and didn't buy then and a really cool LiefLifestyle Wintercoat, which I bought of Marktplaats and was delivered to her house (the seller lives in the same street).

The day after the concert, my mom helped me to finish the bedspread I started on last December and picked up again in May/June.
The thing is kind of big and I don't have that big a piece of free floorspace in my house, so I couldn't lay it out completely. I sewed half of it together last week, on my own, but that took me just about the whole day. So because my mom was here anyway, I figured she could help me out...

The gorgeous pink and blue(ish), flowery, polkadotted bedspread in laying proudly on our bed now, and it's already keeping my feet nice and warm.
I can't wait for the nights to get reaaaaally cold, so we can use it over the whole bed...! Pictures of the beadspread tomorrow also...! I'm a bit lazy today and have lots to do... :-(

Love, Caroline

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sorta WW: Rihanna

No real WW today, 'cause there are some words today...!

We're off to see Rihanna in Arnhem, a gift from my dear brother...!

I hope I have some pictures to show you tomorrow!



Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WW: Thriftstore Finds and Babyshopping

I went to the thriftstore in Harderwijk with my mom and found:

a (I think) HEMA Bathcape and a Boatshirt for Joshua

and a Memorygame, same as I had when I was a kid.

And I bought a scarf and a wintercap for Joshua at the Wibra