Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Recap #

So much for good resolutions... I have so much on my mind, I keep forgetting stuff. Writing down what I did this week, is one of the things I forgot...
But the most important thing, I can probably remember!

So here goes:
This week I:

- finished "Groen Doen", I also let my colleague (and friend!) Rebekka borrow it. She seems to have more time to read it and she beat me to writing a post about the book... But don't worry, mine is coming! As is the post on what's keeping me this busy!

- went to the doctor again for Joshua. This time because he keep coughing. I'm not worried easily, but this didn't sound good at all... It's a very raspy cough and at times he couldn't stop couching almost to the point he would throw op or get no air.
But the acting doctor told us that the rasping was good. It's a sign he can get rid of all the mucus. If he got a fever or is he started to squeak we should call again...

- did all the parent-teacher talks myself, since my duo called in sick. She wanted to come, but I thought she was being too optimisting and it turned out she was.

- started crocheting again. I put my needles away, because I was too busy doing other stuff. I'm about half way through crocheting an owlhat for Andries, but I'm a bit affraid it's too big.

Today we (Andries and I) celebrated our 60th birthday. Andries turned 31 January 29th and I turned 29 Februari 1st. We had lots of people over and got some great gifts!

The rest of my week was more of the same old stuff.

Coming week I'm reeeeaaally busy with some fun stuff...!



PS No pictures right now, maybe I'll add them later...

Monday, February 6, 2012

No Sunday Recap

Sorry, no Sunday Recap this week, but I'll try to do a double one next Sunday...
I'm also planning on doing a blogpost just about "Groen Doen" and one about all the cool stuff I'm working on...!

So bare with me please!



Sunday, February 5, 2012


I'm in love with Rituals products... But they're soooooo expensive.... And not organic... I also love scrubsalt and my Rituals jar was empty... :-(((

So I googled a bit, and found out, you can easily make you own scrubsalt.

I recycled the jar and made my own.
I bought a kilogram rocksalt (about €0,70) at our organic supermarket and mixd it with some almond bodyoil I had laying around. It was too fatty and the salt was too coarse, but it worked...

This week, my jar was empty again, so I made another batch of scrubsalt and it turned out soooooo much better this time....

Here's my "recipe":
- Pour your rocksalt in the blender and pulse it a couple of times.
Leave it alone, so the cloud of salt can settle down.
(You could probably use Celtic-rocksalt, which seems a little flakey-er. I'm trying that, when this bag af salt is empty.)

- Put two 100ml scoops in a jar or bowl and mix it with 60ml Natusan Babyoil, to get the right consistancy and "fattiness".

It turned out great this time! Blending it made the salt a little less rough on my skin, and since the grains are smaller, they dissolve a bit more in the water.

On the internet it said you could use Olive-oil of Sunflower-oil and a couple of drops essential oil, but since I had the Natusan (which I don't really use for Joshua), I used that (And it smells reaaaaally good!)

You should really try it!

This is all for now..