Sunday, February 5, 2012


I'm in love with Rituals products... But they're soooooo expensive.... And not organic... I also love scrubsalt and my Rituals jar was empty... :-(((

So I googled a bit, and found out, you can easily make you own scrubsalt.

I recycled the jar and made my own.
I bought a kilogram rocksalt (about €0,70) at our organic supermarket and mixd it with some almond bodyoil I had laying around. It was too fatty and the salt was too coarse, but it worked...

This week, my jar was empty again, so I made another batch of scrubsalt and it turned out soooooo much better this time....

Here's my "recipe":
- Pour your rocksalt in the blender and pulse it a couple of times.
Leave it alone, so the cloud of salt can settle down.
(You could probably use Celtic-rocksalt, which seems a little flakey-er. I'm trying that, when this bag af salt is empty.)

- Put two 100ml scoops in a jar or bowl and mix it with 60ml Natusan Babyoil, to get the right consistancy and "fattiness".

It turned out great this time! Blending it made the salt a little less rough on my skin, and since the grains are smaller, they dissolve a bit more in the water.

On the internet it said you could use Olive-oil of Sunflower-oil and a couple of drops essential oil, but since I had the Natusan (which I don't really use for Joshua), I used that (And it smells reaaaaally good!)

You should really try it!

This is all for now..



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