Thursday, December 1, 2011


I was sick and tired of taking my huge daiperbag with me for Joshua, just going to the store for some groceries.
So I sewed a small daiperpouch, which fits in my handbag. It holds a sack of babywipes and 3 or 4 daipers. I could even fit a mouthcloth in there.

I used eloleo's tutoleo but pimped the outside a bit.

We are really into sealife, so I made a whale cutout on the front.

For the liningI used a cradlesheet from the Hema, which someone gave me But since I don't have a cradle and it doesn't fit Joshua's crib, I cut it up.
The outside is IKEA Aina fabric.
 I'm planning on making a messenger-style-bag for Joshua to take his stuff to the daycarecentre. And I'm using the same fabrics...

Hopefuly I can show you my progress on that next time, but I'm also doing loads of othe crafty stuff, so maybe I'll show that first...



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