Sunday, July 17, 2011


I know, I planned to do this yesterday, but things turned out differently. And so here I am, typing this, while hubby is still sleeping and I haven't even made coffee yet...
Wait.. I'll be right back.. ;-D


Can't start the day without coffee, can you?

So, I promised to blog about my visit too the zoo.

I while ago, my 5year-old niece Wyneke phoned me, to ask if I wanted to go to the zoo with her.
She had an invitation from the "Jonge Mantelzorgers" (Young Carers), to go to Dierenpark Wissel in Epe.
So last Sunday we met up with a bunch of other kids and parents/grandparents and we went to Epe by bus.

Dierenpark Wissel is a really small zoo, they don't have any of the big animals like elephants, giraffes and lions. The biggest animal they have is a dwarf-hippo.
There are lots of smaller animals, which can be seen up close and personal... LOL...

We walked around the park for about two hours, watched the puppettheatre about Stein Stokstaartje (Stein Meerkat) and a bunch of other animals. My niece ate icecream and after that we went to the playground.
Well, Wyneke went to the playground and I sat on the terrace with the other adults.
This terrace was just around the orner from where the playground is, so whenever Wyneke needed something, she'd come and find me...
I, we, had a lot of fun, but I was really happy we went home an hour early.

Here are some pictures of the animals:


The cutest animal of them all:



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