Friday, October 12, 2012

Birthday Party

I realized I haven't blogged about Joshua's first Birthday Party. Shame on me...

We didn't decorate too much, we didn't want Joshua to be overwhelmed.
So we hung the rainbow-polkadot garland and a lot of blue balloons.

Joshua's mouth fell open, when we came downstairs on the morning of his party.
He got our gift an went right to play with it.

Here is the Birthday boy, waiting for his guests to arrive...

The day before the party, my sweet colleague helped me make this amazing cake or Joshua.
Soooo totally not what I imagined, but soooo much better!
It's a three layer cake, filled with peach jam, passion fruit bavarois and coated in a slightly sourish buttercream.
The decorations are marsefond, a combination of fondant and marzipan.

The little turtle-island comes off and is Joshua's smashcake.
At first he didn't really know what to do with the minicake, then he started to poke it, but the marsefond stuck to his hands...
He didn't want to eat the cake, until I fed him with a fork... Crazy boy.

 But the crazy boy did steal the show with the Birthday shirt I made him!
Even though we asked the guests for a donation for Joshua's "big" gift, he did get some presents.
The Farm animals are our gift, the Rainbow is the "big" gift.
He also got a cool shirt and an Dick Bruna book from my sister in law, the Earthbook and Ladybird stacking tower came from my other sister in law.
And he got the train form our neighbors.
He also got the Duplo vet and bunny from Rebekka and her family, but since they weren't able to come, I got that gift at work.
The little man as completely washed out after his party, so he went to bed early.
At daycare he also celebrated his birthday, but since I forgot to leave my camera there, I don't have any digital pictures.
I do have a picture of his treats, blue cupcakes, with white frosting and little whales.
I'm ending this post with his birth-picture and a picture of him (and grandma) on his actual birthday.
Here he is, just one hour old....

And here he is, one year old...

Love, Caroline

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