Saturday, March 10, 2012

Organic Babyfood

I've been really busy trying out all kinds of organic babyfoods from the supermarket.
Why? That's one of the things that has been keeping me really busy lately, but I can't (won't) tell you why, yet...

What I can tell you, is that I've started making my own babyfood last week.
Joshua ate potato/carrot puree last week, but that was just because we ate "hutspot" and I held back a couple of pieces carrot and potato.

Today I made some things just for him.

We went to the local farmersmarket and I bought quite a lot of fresh, organic veggies. I totally forgot to take a picture, but I got lots and not really a bad price.

Fruit cooking away
I got:
- 2 huge pears (800gr)
- 4 apples (1kg)
- 4 tomato's (420gr)
- mushrooms (500gr)
- beans (180gr)
- a bunch of carrots
For just €14,-

When we got home, I peeled and chopped the apples and pears and cooked them to a puree in a large pot. It's reeeeeaaaally good and no additions of any kind.

I also tried out the babycook I bought a while ago.
Peeled and diced a potato, a large carrot and a handfull of beans, put themm in the steambasket and steamed them for about 15 minutes.
When they were cooked through, I mashed them in the blender and I had a small jar full of veggies.

Joshua ate the whole jar and about the same amount of fruitpuree.
Succes in my opinion!

 I still need to fill a lot of jars with the fruitpuree, so I don't know how many jars I get from this amount of fruit, but I did get creative and made a couple of cute labels...

Love, Caroline

Finished puree

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