Sunday, March 25, 2012


Last week I made two taggies. The first one was a gift for a friend son, who is 4 weeks older than Joshua.
Joshua loves the rustling of plastic, so I put a layer of plastic in between the two layers of fabric.

It was a big succes with the little boy who I gave it to.

I also made one for Joshua with the piece of gnome-fabric Rebecca  gave me.
I added the clip she also gave me, so I can clip the taggie on Joshua's clothing or the walker when we go out.

I used a slightly thicker plastic for this one, but next time I'm using the thinner one again, since that rustles a lot more. I also didn't sew an extra line along the outside, but I'm adding that this week. I think it just gives the taggie a little more finished look.
Love, Caroline

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