Tuesday, March 27, 2012

LeafGarland Tutorial

First off: I'm going to mention someone is this blogpost whom I have mentioned a lot...
I guess it's because we have so many common interests.
We share a lot of the same hobbies and the same idea's.

As with this one...

About a year ago, Rebecca created this tree. I had seen similar trees around the web, but in my opinion, they were all waaaaay to expensive.
So I asked Rebecca for the pattern. It had been tucked away safely in my agenda, but a couple of weeks ago, I finally found the time (and peace of mind, busy, busy, busy) to trace it and ask hubby to cut it out for me.

So while it was dark outside, he sawed away in out kitchen...
To be honest, we do a lot of DIYing in our kitchen during the darker evenings of the year.
Our shed is just to cramped and cold and we have a very patient vacuum cleaner.

So the tree has proudly been standing on the cabinet in our livingroom.

But with Spring coming and leaves starting to grow, I wanted a little decoration for my little tree.
That's when I thought of a leafy garland and made a tutorial as I went along...
Here it comes:
1. Cut some leaves from green felt. Mine are about 2cm long.

2. Pick a thread to stitch them on. I used DMC
embroidering thread in a color similar to the color of my wood.
3. Stitch the thread throught one of the leaves
and slide it to about 5cm from the end of the thread.
4. Stitch the tread back through the leaf.
Tie a knot in the thread, so the leaf hangs down.
5. Stitch through the next leaf and slide it
to where you want it on the thread.
I spaced them about 5 to 7cm a part.
Repeat step 4 and 5,
 untill al the leaves are stitched onto the tread.
6. Weave the garland in to the tree and VOILA... A Spring-y tree...
Love, Caroline


  1. :D Leuk he die boom! Heb je al kleine paaseitjes?

    1. Ik heb wel ergens kleintjes, maar heb er een vaas met lentetakken naast staan met grotere eieren er in...!