Friday, March 23, 2012

Veggie Garden

Last years attempt to grow some vegetables, failed miserably.

We had about 6 radishes, 2 HUGE green cherrytomatoes and the peppers? Don't ask about the peppers.
The only thing that grew and produced something, were my strawberries and some of the herbs.

So this year, I decided a different approach.

I ordered a big pile of organic seeds from "de Bolster".
Hubby and a friend created about 2 m2 of veggiegarden where we used to have a patch of grass.
I also have a strip of usable soil in front of the fencing and so I started planning.

I'm planting sweetcorn, carrots red onions and spring onions in "the Strip". There is also a bulb of garlic which we planted last year in "the Strip", which unexpectedely came up.

In the patch that was created I'm planting spinach, fennel, green and yellow zucchini and radishes.
In a couple of large pots I'm planting tomato, red peppers and chilipeppers.

Last week I started the seedlings for a couple of veggies.
I found this idea on Pinterest (another addiction I plan to blog about).
So I started folding seedlingpots and hubby helped.
I started seedlings for (from L to R): sweetcorn, chilli, red pepper, tomato, fennel, red onion
After about a week and a half, this is what my seedlings look like:
Happy, happy, happy....

And it gets better!

After inspecting the pots in which last years strawberries grew, I discovered that the wallhanging tray is sprouting again!

The plants I didn't plant last summer but left in the plastic tray, are also sprouting!
Again: Happy, happy happy...

And it gets EVEN better! I did a great discovery at the DIYstore! 3+1 on all sorts of fruits (plants I mean, but you probably guessed that....).
I bought a blackberry, a raspberry, a currant and a muscat grape, for the grand total of: €7,50
They are now proudly planted in my veggiepatch...
Well, the grape and currant are and the raspberry and blackberry are currently in pots, untill I decide on the appropriate place for them...
And again: HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY...!

Last, but not least I wanted LOADS of herbs ofcourse... And since most of what I planted last year has been ruined by frost, I needed new herbs... Fortunately a couple of local supermarkets had organic herbs on sale.
I bought: Mint, chives ans pasley (in the square basket) and rosemary, basil, dill and oregano (in the round basket). The rosemary and basil are already almost ruined, but I still have hope they wil bloom...

I'll keep you updated on the veggiegarden-project...!

Love, Caroline

PS: As you probably noticed, not all my plants are organic, as isn't the base for my garden.
I try to use as much organic products as possible, but it has to be realizable within my garden (and finances ;-D)

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