Sunday, June 26, 2011


No not my birthdayparty, since my birthday is in Februari.

Last month my niece turned 9 and she asked me if I wanted to help with her birthdayparty.
All off my nieces are sort of creative and they alway pick something creative to do on their parties.

My sister-in-law found this great glass-mosaic workshop where the girls could make their own candleholder. But since there were 8 girls and she also had to take care of her youngest, it would be handy to have an extra set of hands to help the girls out...

So friday, after work I took a nap (being pregnant and working fulltime, is quite tiring ;P) and at 5.45PM I was at their house... The girls were still doing the hiding the gifts-thing, so I had a nice chat with my sis-in-law (Heidi).

After that it was time to drink "champagne" (non-alcoholic, of course) and eat french-fries and snacks (mini-frikandellen, kipnuggets en bitterballen).

When dinner was finally done (there was a LOT of chatting during dinner, and the subjectmatter was at times a bit mature...! ! !), the creativeness could start.

All of the girls got a small zip-locbag filled with broken glass and a bunch of nice square pieces of mosaic, a little glass candleholder (from IKEA) and a syringe filled with special glue.

It's really funny to see how the girls each had their different way of working. One was really confident and silent (needless to say she finished first), some were a bit unsure if they would have enough squares to make a full edge and others would chat so much we had to encourage them to work a bit faster...

The finished glasses have to dry 24hours before grouting, so my niece will bring the candleholders to school on monday, for the girls to take home.
There was so much glass and glue left, I asked Heidi if I could take it home. I have exactely the same glasses at home, and the could do with a bit of "pimping"... I had three, so I made my sis in law one to match hers (she made an example for the girls) and I can make my own set too...

I just have to buy some white grout, so I can finish them...

This is what the ungrouted glass looks like... As soon as I have grouted one, I'll show you...



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