Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fabric Spectacle

Last friday I went to Lelystad with two of my colleagues.
They had the Fabric Spectacle there and I wanted to shop for some stuff...

This is what I bought:

Filling for the bedspread I'm making. That would be a boring picture, so I'll post a picture of the quilt-like spread later on...

Plain white tricot to add to a skirt, so I can wear it during the rest of my pregnancy.
And this lovely tricot, designed bij Eline Pellinkhof. I'm making a "buikband" to spice up my plain tee's and accentuate my growing belly...

And then I spotted these:

And I just had to have them. They're gonna look so cool on our little boy... Now I just have to figure out what to make of them and how to do it.
As I'm kind of new to sewing (up till now I've only sewn straight lines on cotton), I'll probably screw up a couple of times. But my colleague is very handy! So I'll ask her for advice...!

I also bought new fabric scissors, since my other scissors were screwed up by hubby-dearest, some ribbon and bias tape for a garland I'm planning to sew...

This is it for now! More soon, I promise...
I'm already planning new posts ;-) ! ! !



PS: making this blogpost took some time, 'cause of the placement of the pictures (I'm a sick perfectionist), but not too long... The new Blogger features for editing are great, so I have good hopes of keeping this blog updated...! ;-P

And Becced: thanks for welcoming me back...! You probably didn't think I'd do it, did you ???

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