Monday, June 13, 2011


I started putting together the furniture for our nursery yesterday.
Since hubby can be a little hot-headed :D when things don't go as he wants, we have a routine for things like this.

- I unpack everything, he nags me about putting things up against the walls like this:

- He goes back downstairs and I start assembling everything.
- In the meantime he comes and checks in on me, to see if I don't work too hard.
- I call him in to help tighten a stubborn screw and he checks all the screws and tightens them (duh, he's stronger than me, so ofcourse he can tighten them up a bit...)

In the end I do most the work (which I absolutely don't mind) and he is satisfied because we didn't have to argue and he got to help anyway...

This is how far I got, with a LOT of breaks and a little help hanging the doors, which really isn't a one person job...

Just the crib to do today and maybe I'll start the mosaic on the windowsill.

And I found the most amazing (ecofriendly) lamps for our boy's room online, now I just have to figure out where to buy them in Holland...



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