Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

I don't do new years resolutions...

I do have some resolutions though... I've been walking around with them for a while now...

1. Starting next Monday (not tomorrow, but when school starts again), I'm banning all things chocolate from my diet again... I really want to get rid of the last pregnancy weight and cold turkey is the best way to quit for me...!
2. I reaaaaally want to be more active blogging... So starting next Sunday, I'm tying to post a recap of my week, every Sunday... Ofcourse I'll try to blog more than once a week, but the Sunday-recap seems like a good start.

Do you have any (new years) resolutions?

Love, Caroline

(PS: Maybe I'm posting the Owlbeanie I created for Joshua later today... So check again tonight...!)

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