Sunday, January 29, 2012

ThriftStore Finds

As I mentioned a while ago, I stille have some thriftstore finds to show...
I'm always complaining to Rebekka how I'm jealous of her finds and how I can never find anything good at the thriftstore in Almere.
But Harderwijk, where my mom lives, also has a thriftstore.
It's not as big as the one in Almere, but it's soooooo much cooler. Here everything donated ends up in the store and doesn't get sold to merchants (don't know if this is the right translation, but you probably get the idea).

But on to my finds!
I bought three vintage (?) Heineken glasses Andries didn't have, and a lot of childrens clothes. And that's where I got my gems! ! !

The had a really big table with a huge pile of summer clothes, 35cts (eurocents) a piece. It didn't look like much, but when I started rummaging around, I discovered lots of clothes with the pricetags still on them... Really expensive brandclothes, with the pricetags still on them ! ! !

I took pictures of what I bought for Joshua, but I also bought a big pile of girlsclothes, since Rebekka is having a girl... I think I got her about 15 -20 (is that right Rebekka?) items...

This is what I got Joshua:

A pair of Brubaker shoes with the tags still on.

A pair of Oilily socks and Oilily pants (With the arrows, storeprice €54,- (!!!!)), a summercoat in a horrible colour but extra is always good, and a summer short and summershorts (still waaaaaay to big, but who cares at 35cts?) Everything in this picture had the tags still on.

These items didn't have the tags on anymore, and some of them weren't new, but I don't care, I really like them!
A sleeveless animal shirt from H&M, a striped Mexx shirt, a longsleeve with cars on them and a big city traffic Shirt (which looked like it's new).

I didn't take any pictures of the pile I got Rebekka... Sorry...
But a few of the items I bought, included:
- Villa Happ knitted vest
- Hema summerdress
- striped H&M longsleeveshirt
- Feetje dress with hearts
- shirt with tiny orange stars (don't remember the brand)
- loads more, but I can't really remember...

Sunday Recap later today...


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