Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Recap #2 (on Monday)

Sorry for the delay, been sick...

This week:

- I started working again. Before the holidays, I already worked a few half days, but last Monday was my first whole workday since I went on leave in July.
I was fun, but I really need to get the hang of it again. I constantly have to look up what we're going to do at what time, which kid has which picto...
But I'm learning fast...!

- I picked up the stomach-flu at work... Nice... I got really sick Thursdaymorning and started feeling a bit more human this morning... I'm still super tired...

- I went to the doctor with the little man. His the skin on his head is really dry and red. I has been for quite some time, but he keeps scratching, so it must itch badly.
The doc said it's atopic eczema. Possibly caused by an allergy. It could be lactose intolarance, so we're changing his formula. No more standard1, but Hypo-Allergenic for two weeks. If the eczema improves, it's probably lactose intolerance.
Joshua is also getting a really greasy cream to help with the itching.

- I read another 40 pages in "Groen Doen".

- I ordered a pair of boots from

- Bought a really cool bathseat for Joshua on Marktplaats. I LOVE secondhand stuff... why pay full-price for stuff you only use for a couple of months. And besides, secondhand is a lot more environmentally friendly... If I buy something that's been used, it doesn't have to be made new...

- I didn't do any crafting, I felt too sick...

I hope this week things will be better, so I can do a more interesting Sunday Recap next week



PS I still have to show you my ThriftStore finds from a couple of weeks ago. I scored LOADS of cool stuff at the ThriftStore in Harderwijk!

Some pictures of this week:

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