Sunday, January 1, 2012

Owlbeanie with earflaps...

I found this really cool hat on Pinterest and was instantly in love...!
But cheap as I am, I didn't want to buy the pattern (I was also afraid I wouldn't understand one bit of it...). Since you can find just about anything on Google and Youtube, I began my search...

Pretty soon I found this Youtube-video, which shows step-by-step, how to crochet an owl-hat.
So I started...!

I found out it's actually pretty easy to crochet a beanie. Once you get the idea, you can make it any size you want!
Next the earflaps were up. I didn't like the earflaps in the video, they were to straight and "sharp-edged" for my liking.
I played around with some decreases until I liked the shape.

Joshua happily modeled his new hat for me... And for everybody on FaceBook and Twitter... LOL...

I crocheted a yellow edge around the hat and added the eyes.
I also didn't like the embroidered beak, so I crocheted a small heart, altered one or two stiches and voila, a crocheted beak...
Last, but not least, I added two big breads to the earflaps and some tassels on the top and Joshua's Owl-beanie was done...!

And by the looks of it, he really likes it...!

Love, Caroline

PS I started another one... Daddy wants one to match...!

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