Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Recap #1

Starting today, I'm posting a recap of my week, every Sunday afternoon or evening... So here goes:
This week:

- I read about 50 pages in "Groen doen" by Marie-Claire van den Berg. I was amazed of how ingnorant and easily-fooled (most/some) people are when it comes to the environment (myself included on some parts). It's really easy to read and made me laugh on more than one occasion.

- Andries bought Joshua his first Lego. He also assembled it... LOL

- We started re-organizing our bathroom, but it's still a WIP, so no pictures yet.

- I went to "work". This week was the last week of the two week X-masbreak, so the kids were still at home. This gave me and my new duo-partner a chance to discuss how we are going to run our group.

- We ate pancakes at my colleague's place. Hubby helped her hubby with a DIY-job that wasn't really a one-man job...

- I got the "slofjes" Rebekka (the above-mentioned colleague) sewed for Joshua.

- My fabric from Spoonflower arrived on Saturday.

- We tried the Tripp-Trapp, but it's still a bit big...

- I sewed a seatcushion for Joshua's Tripp-Trapp. I still need to make a padded seatcover. (I also fixed hubby's shirt, pant-pocket and Joshua's Fant (elephant))

- I crocheted about 4 rows on my ripple-blanket and started on an Owl-beanie for hubby...

Ofcourse I did loads more, but these are the most "interesting things"...
Tomorrow is my first "real" workday since I've been on leave... Also the first day our babysitter is coming over to watch Joshua for the whole day... I'm a bit anxious...


Some pictures of this week:

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